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20.3.2010 Zuzka  /  Number of presentasion: 19887

Zámek 1, 386 01 Strakonice

GPS: 49° 16' 03" N  14° 00' 11" E
         49.2675935861111  49.2675935861111

Tel.: +420 383 321 537 / E-mail

A Gothic castle, originated in the late 12th century by the Bavor family of Strakonice. In 1243 a part of the castle was donated to the Order of the knights of St. John. Enlarged in the late Gothic, adjusted in the Renaissance and baroque style. The Church of St. Procope, a capitulary hall and an ambit (unique Gothic wall paintings), the tower Rumpál with a view. In the southern palace a historical and ethnographical exposition, pipes, interiors from the 19th century, fez production, weapons, motorcycles etc. The chateau gallery of contemporary art placed in the Baroque prelature (paintings, sculptures, pottery, porcelain, jewellery).

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