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27.3.2010 Zuzka  /  Number of presentasion: 24377

Zámek 115, 37901 Třeboň

GPS: 49° 00' 10" N  14° 46' 09" E
         49.002871  49.002871

Tel.: +420 384 724 935 / E-mail

A Renaissance chateau complex of the Rosenberg family, built on the place of a Gothic castle after the fire in 1562, completed in 1602 by Petr Vok. Since 1660 the first property of the Schwarzenberg family in Bohemia. An English park. Historical interiors with wall paintings (The Hall of Coats, etc.) with period furnishings and collections. A large Rosenberg and Schwarzenberg archive. The Schwarzenberg Neo-Gothic tomb Domanín (1km from the chateau).

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