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, 412 01 Litoměřice

GPS: 50° 32' 02" N  14° 07' 52" E
         50.5338588  50.5338588

Tel.: +420 416 732 440 /

Litoměřice is one of the oldest and most significant towns in Bohemia. It is located in the fertile countryside near the rivers Labe and Ohře, north of Prague. As early as the 11th century the Przemyslids founded a capitulary with a Romanesque basilica here, which was rebuilt in Baroque into a bishop’s residence with the Cathedral of St. Stephen. On the town square we can see numerous examples of chiefly Renaissance architecture (the Town Hall, the museum, the House “U černého orla”, the House “Kalich”). The father and son Broggi led the Baroque development of the town. Recently Litoměřice has become known for the annual agricultural expo, “Zahrada Čech”(the Garden of Bohemia).

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