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Sights - Ruins

Distance: 2 km

GPS: 49° 53' 03"N 16° 02' 04"E

Complex of castle a chateau ruins. The castle dating back to the early 14th century was later remodeled into a Renaissance chateau for the Slavatas of Chlumu (and Košumberk). In the 18th century, it belonged to the Jesuit order. The burgrave’s house houses a museum collections related to the history of the castle a the region. The palace cellars hold a collection of stone sculptures a architectural details.


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2 km

Košumberk ico

Complex of castle a chateau ruins. The castle dating back to the early 14th

15 km

Slatiňany ico

A romantic chateau of the Auersperk family, originally a Gothic fortress re

16 km

Chrudim ico

An outdoor 25m swimming pool (5 lanes), an indoor 25m swimming pool (6 lan

17 km

Choceň ico

Originally a Renaissance chateau, remodeled in the Baroque style, renovated

17 km

Lanový park podhůra ico

Rope center

20 km

Golf & Country Club Svobodné Hamry ico

Svobodné Hamry golf course is one of the most spectacular courses in the Cz

21 km

Golf Club Svratka ico

The Golf course offers high quality, fully irrigated nine-hole course, driv

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