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Sights - Ruins

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GPS: 49° 16' 46"N 13° 37' 06"E

An extent ruin of a castle originated in the early 14th century. Gradually enlarged up to the 16th century, mainly for Půta Švihovský of Rýzmberk, under the assistance of the master-builder Benedikt Ried. In the 18th century deserted. The biggest castle ruin in Bohemia. During the besiege of the castle by the Hussites Jan Žižka of Trocnov lost his second eye. Expositions: the castle complex – a stud with an introductory exposition, fortifications with bastions, cellars, preserved rooms on the first floor of the royal palace, the architectural development of the castle, an exposition of medieval Dutch stoves with a Gothic stove replica.


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0 km

Rabí ico

An extent ruin of a castle originated in the early 14th century. Gradually

7 km

Aquapark Horažďovice ico

The complex offers: a twisting water slide (62m), a wading pool with 2 slid

12 km

Kašperk ico

The ruins of a Gothic castle dating back to the 14th century, founded by Em

16 km

Chanovice ico

Originally a Gothic stronghold built by the Chanovský family of Dlouhá Ves,

16 km

Velhartice ico

A castle, originated in the early 14th century, enlarged in the Late Gothic

22 km

Lanové c. Proud Zadov ico

Cable railway centre having a trade mark PROUD. On the www. sites you can f

25 km

Blatná ico

Originally a Gothic water castle from the 13th century, built on the site o

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