DISCOUNT SYSTEM for our users

1. Show a discount code at any participating camp and enjoy lower rate on accommodation.

It is necessary to show the discount code upon arrival; thus, so you need to have already installed in advance

(Date and time of the first initiation are stated on the discount code! )


2. The given discount applies for total price of accommodation (with exception of local fees).

This, it doesn’t apply for boarding, various rental fees and other additional services


3. The discount applies to the phone's owner and his family (for one camping pitch, cottage, mobile home, ..). Can then not be used for some group.


4. The discount applies for the given calendar year, So do not forget to check if  the camping is still participating in the discount system.

If so, the campsite is marked with a special symbol with specification of the percentage discount (5, 10, 15 .... %). 


You have the opportunity to FILTER the campsites and to view only those camps that offer discounts!  

New camps constantly take part in the system – watch out for updated information!


In case of any problems, contact us