Equipped yurts

Lisci Farma is the first and so far the only accommodation facility where you can personally try how living in equipped yurts is like.


New in the Czech Republic.

Our intention has been to provide a remarkable experience and we believe we have succeeded.

For many centuries of its existence, a yurt has become a small sacred universe. Mongolians consider the roof of their yurt a firmament and the hole with a crown is regarded as the Sun, an eye of heaven providing light.

A yurt is an exceptional type of a tent including constructional elements rather reminiscent of a cottage or even a house. There is a wooden door, partially glassed in, plastic or board floor and a stylish window. Due to its exceptionality, this dwelling is broadly used both for seasonal camping and permanent living in the whole world.

Our yurts offer accommodation for 4 and 6 persons; there is a fully-equipped kitchenette with a cooker, fridge and necessary furniture. Sanitary facilities and showers are available nearby.

More informations: www.liscifarma.cz

Liščí Farma

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