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Rekreační areál Bohušov

Rekreační areál Bohušov

Bohušov 115, 79399 Bohušov

The Bohušov camp and recreational area offers accommodation in tents, caravans and cottages. Available: 20 three-bed cottages with possibility of extra bed. There is a shower, toilet, washbasin and sink in ever...

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kemp Osoblaha

kemp Osoblaha

Osoblaha , 79399 Osoblaha

The camp site is situated in the village of Osoblaha near the border with Poland. Accommodation is possible in your own tent/caravan or in a 4-bed chalet. There is also a natural bathing place at the camp site.

Places without connections/place without connectionsWith electricity connectionBungalow without sanitary facilities

autocamping Dolina autocamping Dolina

autocamping Dolina

Ludvíkov 112, 79326 Vrbno pod Pradědem

In summer, the autocamp offers accommodation in own cottages for three to four persons and accommodation in own tents and caravans. There are toilets and community building with TV and a corner for children on ...

Places without connections/place without connectionsWith electricity connectionBungalow without sanitary facilities

kemp Kopřivná

Malá Morávka 122, 79336 Malá Morávka

Places without connections/place without connectionsWith electricity connection

rekreační středisko Karlov

rekreační středisko Karlov

Karlov 35, 79336 Malá Morávka

Karlov Recreation Center is located in the beautiful valley of the highest Moravian Mountains - Mountains. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit as a Nature Reserve Praděd, chalet Švýcárna, Sovinec cas...

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kemp Dešná kemp Dešná

Neubuz 62, 763 15 Slušovice
kemp Dešná

CAMP RESORT & DESNA is the ideal place, with comfortable facilities, quality equipment and professional service for spending passive and active recrea...

autocamp Slunečná autocamp Slunečná

, 54344 Čistá v Krkonoších
autocamp Slunečná

The campground is located in the foothills of the famous Black Mountain. Our campground's excellent location offers you a wide selection of camping sp...

caravan camping Horní Planá caravan camping Horní Planá

Caravan camping , 38226 Horní Planá
caravan camping Horní Planá

The campsite is situated right on the bank of the Lipno Lake, on the peninsula in the lower part of the picturesque town of Horní Planá. There are a ...

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camping Frymburk Lipno
Holiday at the Lipno lake

Camping is situated directly at the Lipno lake in South Bohemia. Camping is suitable for families with children and also for couples.

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camping Oase Praha
What about Prague?

We accept the ADAC and ADAC Sparkarte. 15.5.-19.6. and 29.8..-5.9. 2020

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Where to spend a vacation with your children?

Can you imagine a campground where you only see your children when it’s time for a snack or lunch? Yes, these campgrounds do exist in the Czech Republic. Full story

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camping Vranovská pláž15.8.202119128,0
Moc pěknej kemp. Rodina s dětmi se tam rozhodně nudit nebudou. Bohužel v řádu mají napsáno domácím mazlíčkum není vstup povolen, ale poslední dva roky se nato vůbec nekouká. Letos tam bylo psích vykalu docela dost. Bohužel. Samozř...
camping Oase Praha2.8.201624119,9
Spousta hřišť, bazény a animace
kemp Lodín19.7.2020117 
Za me super, opravdu spokojenost. spojeni s koupalistem, pro deti parada. k dispozici gril, klid a prijemny pristup personalu. umyvarky a toalety ciste. sprcha za 10 kc 4 minuty. kiosek na stranu od kempu, cili nerusi, pres...