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Golf & Country Club Mstětice

Mstětice 5, 250 91 Zeleneč

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Sport - Golf courses

Distance: 5 km

GPS: 50° 08' 38"N 14° 41' 38"E

The 18-hole course, which is situated on the eastern outskirts of Prague. The front nine is rather flat, which, at first glance, ma give you the false impression that the course is quite easy, or eved dull. But don´t let yourselves be fooled. It can be both tricky and charming. The ninth hole will take you all the way to France´s Royal Mougins, hole 13 will remind you of the famed Road Hole in St. Andrews, while the deep pot bunkers that you need a ladder to get in a nd out of are on par with those traditionally found in Scotland. Moreover, the badk nine is styled differently. Although it incorporates some classic links elements, it si design ...


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Golf & Country Club Mstětice ico

The 18-hole course, which is situated on the eastern outskirts of Prague. T

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