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, Žleby

GPS: 49° 53' 10" N  15° 28' 55" E
         49.8860801583333  49.8860801583333

Tel.: +420 775 272 088 / E-mail

In summer months you can see representatives of our game, carnivorous birds, owls, water birds, stoats and shamrocks in the area of the little game park exhibit. The little game park exhibit is a part of the game park of an area of about 130 ha, at the edge of the Žleby municipality, about a 5 min. walk from the state castle Žleby. The little game park exhibit was created in 1998 for the purpose of the presentation of the shamrocks, carnivorous birds and owls that are bred here as well as the history of falconry. During a visit to the area it is possible to see our current carnivorous birds and owls, such as the horned owl, the eagle owl, the barn owl, the common buzzard, the common raven; it is however possible to see also very rare carnivorous birds.

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