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, 438 24 Žatec

GPS: 50° 19' 03" N  13° 32' 16" E
         50.3173793  50.3173793

Tel.: 415 736 156 / E-mail

Renowned for its world-famous Saaz hops, a key ingredient of Czech beers, the town of Žatec merits a visit for any beer lover. A significant royal town was founded in the mid-13th century on the rocky cliff above the river Ohře on the site of a former Slavic settlement. In the 14th century, a Gothic town grew up here, which later professed Hussite convictions and preserved its Gothic appearance until the Thirty Years' War. The war was the reason for the Baroque and later the Classicist reconstructions, which gave the town its current face. These styles were used for rebuilding the Town Hall - the town's symbol with a large tower, surrounded by burghers' houses on narrow plots. The original Gothic castle was rebuilt into a brewery. The region excels in hops-growing, which has 700 years old tradition here. The fascinating Hops Museum details the history of hop-growing and beermaking.

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