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26.6.2010 Marta  /  Number of presentasion: 3723

Modrá , 687 06 Velehrad

GPS: 49° 06' 10" N  17° 24' 28" E
         49.1028864  49.1028864

Tel.: +420 572 501 823, +420 777 807 368 / E-mail

The open-air archaeological museum in Modra – Great Moravian settlement of the Morava river middle basin is situated near Uherske Hradistě on the road running from Stare Mesto to Velehrad. It is a significant place giving us a vivid picture of one of the most important periods of our national history. The open-air museum lives its everyday life, with educational performances, programs, trial melting of metal, production of ceramics, agricultural production as well as continual archaeological research. Come and learn more about our long-ago history.

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