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26.6.2010 Marta  /  Number of presentasion: 13882

Vysoký Chlumec , 262 52 Příbram

GPS: 49° 37' 18" N  14° 23' 12" E
         49.6217181277778  49.6217181277778

Tel.: +420 318 866 103 / E-mail

he village of Vysoký Chlumec is situated 35 km east from Příbram and 8 km south-west from the town of Sedlčany, in a scenic countryside along the middle part of the Vltava River. In 1998, the Mining Museum in Příbram bought a piece of land, 3 hectares large, in the territory of the village of Vysoký Chlumec at the town of Sedlčany from the Lobkowicz Family. The following year a construction of the Museum of Rural Housing Extending along the Middle Part of the Vltava River, a Department of the Mining Museum, Příbram, was launched. The folk buildings which are at the risk of going down at their original places are being transferred to the museum. The area of the interest is the Příbram District with focus on the Sedlčany Region. The exhibits of the open-air museum are being set into a valley of the stream in a sensitive way. The visitors can see farmer´s homesteads, cottages, small houses, farm buildings, technical construction driven by water and some religious objects.

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