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15.6.2011 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 11113

Hazlov , 35132 Hazlov

GPS: 50° 09' 24" N  12° 16' 30" E
         50.1567807  50.1567807

Tel.: +420 354 595 402 / E-mail

Welcome to the youngest and prettiest golf course in the Czech Republic. This sportingly demanding 18-hole golf course is situated in Hazlov near Františkovy Lázně - just behind the German border. It was opened in the year 2002 in the charming countryside of the Odra river basin natural protected area. Golf paths were harmoniously integrated into the countryside. Naturally all 18 fairways conform to international standards. Only a few minutes from the checkpoints at Selb-Aš, Schönberg-Vojtanov and Schirnding-Pomezí you can visit the completely new layout of the Franzensbad k.s Golf Resort. You can choose from a wide range of services and enjoy perfect the golf experience. Golf management and staff do their utmost to make our visitors feel welcome in one of the most beautiful places in the „Spa triangle“.

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