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Mnich 811, 37833 Nová Bystřice

GPS: 49° 00' 45" N  15° 05' 29" E
         49.0126035166667  49.0126035166667

Tel.: +420 384 386 986, GSM: +420 602 130 905 / E-mail

Championship Golf Course Mnich Mnich Golf Course ranks nowadays amongst the most sought after golf courses in the Czech Republic. It hosts prestigious commercial events as well as professional tournaments on national and international level annually. The course was designed by Austrian architects Günther Hauser and Gerold Hauser. Their plan was to design and build a golf course which would have the air of always being there. The course perfectly chimes with the local countryside which seems to be built for playing golf. It was the surrounding nature which gave this place its unforgettable atmosphere. The course is divided into several separate sections with number of impressive view through and it offers the players a real golfing and natural experience. Public course Nová Bystřice 9 holes at the Nová Bystřice Golf Course formed the first public course in the Czech Republic. The course is not too demanding and it is one of the favourite courses for beginners. The course is set in mildly undulated countryside and it offers the golfers ideal conditions for practice and more than that. Nová Bystřice Golf Course was opened in 2000 as the first golf course in Golf Resort Monachus and starting this year onwards the hole No. 1 shall be placed right in front of the clubhouse of Golf Resort Monachus. The surroundings of Nová Bystřice are located in the picturesque region of South Bohemia with extensive forests, numerous ponds and rock formations with granite boulders. Due to the natural character of the countryside, and to a certain extent, its damp climatic nature, the region is known as Czech Canada. It is also a region known for the previous detainment of generations held in camps surrounded by barbed wire fences from 1939. The opening of the border after 1989 gave hope to the renewal of historical ties, freedom and a new social life. Golfresort Monachus consists of the 18-hole championship golf course Mnich and 9-hole golf course the Nová Bystřice. At first the Nové Bystřice golf course was set up for the establishment of a golf resort in the region. After a short time the course was a great success, thanks to very reasonable green fees. New golfers, primarily from the extensive regions around Prague, flocked to this course and the club grew in members, proving its popularity. The special thing about this golf project was that it was carried out with the idea to fully respect the countryside and to renew defunct boundaries and formations, documented by old aerial snapshots from the 1950s. The new planting of original and characteristic tree species (pines, maple, birch) covered the course and became part of the local ecosystem. The success of the Nové Bystřice golf course was left to the owner Mr. Willems. His idea was to build a genuine championship course on the site of the former Mnich camp. He contacted the renowned Viennese golf course architects, Gerold and Günter Hauser, who studied the terrain and were immediately excited by it. They designed the project for building a golf course, arranged planning permission and after several years, started with the construction. It was their prime importance to make sure that the existing natural beauty of the surroundings was incorporated as much as possible so that the biotopes and significant ecological areas would not only be preserved but also diversified and enriched by new species and populations. The idea was to build a golf course which looked like it has been here forever and the architects were successful in designing a championship golf course without changing the natural surroundings. It was pure nature that provided this location with its unforgettable atmosphere. The golf course is designed to offer golfers the experience of playing golf and enjoying the outdoors at the same time. The golf course Mnich ranks amongst the most popular courses in the Czech Republic. Every year prestigious commercial events as well as national and international professional tournaments are held there. Experience of Nature Calmness all around – just you, golf and the outdoors, making a beautiful backdrop for a pleasant day spent in the midst of forests and small lakes. The golf course is pleasant – it is not so demanding, but requires some tactical shots. Each hole has its own character and these are the memories which will remain with you forever. GolfResort Monachus offers everything you can expect from a golf resort. The resort also includes a large clubhouse with a restaurant, terrace, reception and pro-shop, driving range, putting and chipping green, where golfers may practice before their game. The prices are reasonable and you can choose from our wide selection. Find the time You will need time to enjoy each and every stroke on 63 golf holes. The golf courses Mnich and Nová Bystřice are located just 1,5 kilometres as the crow flies from the Austrian Golf Resort Haugschlag. Even the most demanding golfers have the possibility of enjoying classic moments in this region and playing their favourite sport during their visit. You can comfortably travel to the two 18 – hole championship golf courses in Haugschlag by golf carts and you can enjoy golf in a similar atmosphere as GolfResort Monachus. We try our best for our members and guests, to make them feel comfortable with all the services we offer. Since 2005, the Golf Club Mnich and Golf Club Nová Bystřice are members of the association Heart of Golf and our members can receive up to 50% discounts in 13 other member golf clubs. According to the Peugeot Golf Guide, the Golf Club Mnich is ranked amongst the 1000 best golf courses in Europe. The Golf Club Mnich appeared in the elite group of European golf courses, one of only four other Czech golf courses.

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