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, 27006 Kounov

GPS: 50° 13' 31" N   13° 41' 30" E    Search route
         50.225344075  50.225344075

Tel.: 313 119 822 / E-mail

The Kounov stone rows complex is situated on Rovina Hill approximately 2 kilometres to the north of the municipality of Kounov. The rows complex is free for access all year round. The starting point of seeing the rows is the car park in front of the Three Lindens House (dům U Tří lip) at Kounov. The yellow marked footpath leads from the car park to the rows. You can leave the yellow marked footpath at St. Adalbert’s Chapel of Pilgrimage and follow a shorter way to the rows, marked with local marking. You can visit the permanent exhibition in the Three Lindens House at Kounov, devoted to the Kounov stone rows, where you can also buy a simple guide to the Kounov rows. To get to the Kounov stone rows, you can also follow the Educative Path of Kounov Stone Rows (Naučná stezka Kounovské kamenné řady) which starts at the Mutějovice station. In addition to the Kounov stone rows complex, you will also find a Celtic hillfort of the 5th century BC on the Rovina Hill.

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