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Benická 519, 25101 Nupaky

GPS: 49° 59' 44" N   14° 36' 11" E    Search route
         49.9956727305556  49.9956727305556

Tel.: 00420 603 516 494 / E-mail

Visit the mini brewery where the beer that you drink at the campsite is brewed!

Gwern is a new microbrewery, equipped with modern technology with automatic processes. Superintended, worked and cared for by the brew master, the brewery produces real ale using traditional Czech techniques. You'll see everything you need for brewing; the brewery, the fermentation equipment, aging and beer barrelling. Mr. Ugrin, the owner of the brewery, will take you through the process with a commentary in English.
Don’t be afraid to ask him about anything that interests you.
If you bring your children be sure to keep a careful eye on them - after all, you are walking through a shop floor (where dangerous chemicals are used).
Finally you will be able to visit the brewery shop where you can taste their beer and have a snack to eat. On the way back you can get draft beer in glass beer bottles or PET bottles.
How much you pay for the tour of the brewery is up to you - it depends only on how much you enjoyed it.
The brewery is in Benická Street in the village of Nupaky - about 15 km from the campsite. A taxi to the brewery (up to 4 people) is 2 x 250 CZK. Book your visit in advance by phone (in English) with Mr. Petr Ugrin- mobile phone: 00420 603516499.
Our reception staff will be happy to help arrange a time as well as a taxi.

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