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Středověký skanzen Řepora

Dřevčice 1, 250 01 Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav 1

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Sights - Open air museums

Distance: 30 km

GPS: 50° 11' 44"N 14° 40' 20"E

In this beautiful protected nature locality, you can see how e.g. potters, blacksmiths, fishermen and crofters lived. You will see what the reeve’s homestead and a medieval pub looked like and, last but not least, you can visit a small church and cemetery. The village is surrounded by wooden pale fencing with an entrance gate and towers. Behind the gates, you will find a gallows hill and religious site with holy tree. There are several farm animals in the village such as sheep and goats. You will see several natural water pools where multiple species of fish and crayfish live.


Open air museums

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30 km

Středověký skanzen Řepora ico

In this beautiful protected nature locality, you can see how e.g. potters,

34 km

Polabské národopisné muzeum Přerov nad Labem ico

Ethnographic Museum of the Polabí area The museum is one of the olde

36 km

Muzeum lidových staveb Kouřim ico

The folk architecture museum in Kouřim is unique in the Czech Republic. It

37 km

Skanzen Vysoký Chlumec ico

he village of Vysoký Chlumec is situated 35 km east from Příbram and 8 km s

37 km

Skanzen dřevěného uhlí Lhota ico

The history of charcoal burning in the Křivoklát region goes back to the va

39 km

Botanicus Ostrá ico

We would be happy to take you around the village of historical trades – tin

40 km

Hamousův statek Zbečno ico

Everybody who visits Hamous’ Homestead (Hamousův statek) sometime is certai