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17.3.2010 Zuzka  /  Aantal vertoningen: 12036

Pernštejn , 592 62 Nedvědice

GPS: 49° 27' 03" N  16° 19' 06" E
         49.4508573833333  49.4508573833333

Tel.: + 420 566 566 101 / E-mail

Pernštejn is one of the best-preserved Gothic-Renaissance forts in Europe. Its foundation dates back to the mid-13th century. It was the residence of the Lords of Pernštejn, who played a significant role in the political events of the Czech Kingdom for centuries. Originally an Early Gothic castle was rebuilt several times. In the 15th century the stout Late Gothic fortifications were constructed, which resisted even the Swedish besiege during the Thirty Years War and belongs to the most extent fortifications in Bohemia. In the first half of the 16th century during the period of Vilém II of Pernštejn the castle was enlarged and rebuilt into a representative residence; the halls were adjusted and new residential rooms were in the Renaissance style. The Pernštejn family got a lot of debts because of grand architectural activities and expensive representative life and had to sell their estates and in 1596 even the castle Pernštejn. In the course of the 17th century the castle changed its owners several times, but none of them interfered in its architecture. Smaller Baroque, Rococo and Classicist adjustments were realized in the interiors, in front of the castle outbuildings were built and a park was founded. In 1818 the Mitrovský family took over the castle and stayed there till 1945. The planned reconstruction in the style of Romantism was never realized. The centre of the castle create: the round tower called Barborka, the castle palace of triangle floor plan with a chapel and characteristic galleries on the upper floors, and the courtyard defended by fortification. In the Late Gothic the Knight Hall and the second prismatic tower with the Hall of the Conspirators with an unusual vault were built. Four fortified gates defend the castle and the whole complex is surrounded by moats. The sightseeing includes the vaulted entrance hall, the Knight Hall, the library, the dungeon and the kitchen; the interiors show the architectural development of the residence from the simple original castle through the Late Gothic fort, the Renaissance palace, the Baroque, Rococo and Classicist residence up to the Romantism of the mid-19th century. Many famous Czech film fairy-tales were filmed in the castle.

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