DISCOUNT SYSTEM for users of the app

Install our FREE app Camping sites in the Czech and Slovak Republic


Show a discount code at any participating camp and enjoy lower rate on accommodation.




  • It is necessary to show the discount code upon arrival; thus, don’t forget to install our app in advance (date and time of the first initiation are stated on the discount code!)

  • The given discount applies for total price of accommodation (with exception of local fees). Thus, it doesn’t apply for boarding, various rental fees and other additional services.

  • The discount applies to the phone's owner and his family (for one camping pitch, cottage, mobile home, ..). Can then not be used for some group.

  • The camps participating in the discount system are marked with a special symbol with specification of the percentage discount (5, 10, 15 .... %).

  • The discount applies for the given calendar year.


You have the opportunity to FILTER the campsites (in Internet or mobile applications) – and to view only those camps that offer discounts!

Please have a look at camp sites that accept the discount

New camps constantly take part in the system – watch out for updated information!