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Bzenecká 1533 , 69662 Strážnice GPS: 48° 54' 33"N   17° 18' 42"E




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The camping-site is open: 28.03.-31.10.

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tel.: +420 518 332 037    
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WWW pages
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Latitude: 200 m  /  Size of area 40000 m2

The camping site is located outside the city park 1.5 (units) from the citycentre,direction Bzenec. The bed capacity is 300 beds either 2 or 4 beds to each room.There's a common kitchen with a dining room,welfare facilities,a room with tv set and also a restaurant providing a boarding service available all day.The minimum number of guests is 20.An area of 2.5 hectares is used for tents and trailers.Leisure activites include two pools,tobogan,minigolf,table tennis,playground and a refresh.