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Hasištejn ,

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Sights - Ruins

Distance: 8 km

GPS: 50° 26' 42"N 13° 15' 25"E

The ruin of a Gothic castle from the early 14th century. Referred to as “abandoned” since 1622. Currently under renovation, partially open. Visitors can tour the castle area, a massive cylinder-shaped tower with a view, a Gothic chapel, monumental underground space. Especially noteworthy are the unique stone corbel with relief ornamentation. Since 1490, the castle was owned by Bohuslav Hasiětejnský of Lobkovice, an explorer a writer who gathered a significant library a collections here.


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8 km

Hasištejn ico

The ruin of a Gothic castle from the early 14th century. Referred to as “ab

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