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Skryjská jezírka

, 27041 Skryje

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Natur - Natural attractions

Distance: 1 km

GPS: 49° 56' 51"N 13° 44' 58"E

Skryje Lakes (Skryjská jezírka) are two little lakes in the District of Rokycany in the Plzeň Region in the Czech Republic. They are situated at an elevation of 270 m. They are only several meters distant from each other and each of them has a length of approximately 30 m, a width of 10 m and an area of approx. 150 m². The Zbiroh Stream (Zbirožský potok), which is a tributary of the Berounka, runs through the little lakes. The upper little lake is situated just below the Skryje Waterfall (Skryjský vodopád) and is partially rock-bound and access to it is partially open. The lower one is situated among the trees several meters below. The litt ...


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1 km

Skryjská jezírka ico

Skryje Lakes (Skryjská jezírka) are two little lakes in the District of Rok

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