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23.2.2010 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 255

Náměstí 261, 398 11 Protivín

GPS: 49° 12' 01" N  14° 13' 03" E
         49.200279125  49.200279125

Tel.: +420 725 155 648 / E-mail

Crocodile ZOO In addition to crocodiles, caimans and alligators, you can see also the tortoise, the monitor lizard, the gavial,... The zoo prefers breeding critically endangered and endangered species of animals because the costs of breeding crocodiles are quite high at our geographical latitudes. Parts of the activity of the zoological garden are also educational, research and science activities. All these functions in the crocodile zoo are and will be carried out mainly in the zoological museum that is created at the same time as the zoo and also on the basis of the collection of the zoo operator.

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