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2.3.2012 Wilzing  /  Number of presentasion: 236

Točník 1, 26751 Zdice

GPS: 48° 53' 13" N  13° 52' 54" E
         48.8870414305556  48.8870414305556

Tel.: 311 533 202 / E-mail

The castle ruins on Castle Mountain (Zámecká hora), (settled as early as the Hallstatt period), situated at the upper end of the rocky rib at the lower end of which Žebrák Castle stands. The castles are situated above the municipality of Točník, near the town of Žebrák. The most majestic set of castles in the Czech Republic, in the best condition till this day, was created by building Točník Castle in such close proximity to the lower Žebrák Castle.

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