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26.6.2010 Marta  /  Number of presentasion: 229

Pivovarská 28, 440 01 Louny

GPS: 50° 21' 28" N  13° 47' 42" E
         50.3578623  50.3578623

Tel.: +420415 652 456 / E-mail

This open-air museum was established as a part of research programme, which followed the results of wide archaeological research done in this locality from 50s to 70s by dr. I. Pleinerová from the Archaeologic Institute in Prague. The area of the research turned to the station of experimental archaeology in 1981, similar to ones working in Denmark, England, Germany, Poland, France etc. The buildings in the open-air museum were built by following the ground planes uncovered by the archaeological research. There were used the same kinds of wood and tools like in the past. The working techniques simulated those used in the past as closely as possible. The experimental burns of the ceramics were performed in the replic of the pottery klin, the research of the durability and germinative capacity of the corn stored in the borrow-pit for a long time was proceeded here. The conditions of living were examined in residental objects in summer and winter period.

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