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26.6.2010 Marta  /  Number of presentasion: 273

Mírové náměstí 248, 384 11 Netolice

GPS: 49° 02' 55" N  14° 11' 45" E
         49.0486889  49.0486889

Tel.: +420 388 324 251 / E-mail

The Na Jánu Archeopark in Netolice is the first South Bohemian archaeological historical landmark presented in a modern form via direct reconstruction. It is simultaneously the only location in the Czech Republic that primarily focuses on a little-known time period in Czech history in the early Middle Ages. The acropolis of the old Přemysl castle of Netolice, where the Archeopark is located, was one of the main centres of the Přemysl’s princely administration in South Bohemia from the 10th to the middle of the 13th century. The archaeological park in Netolice has been built up gradually and focuses on the realistic presentation of the architectural and landscape details of this magical place.

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