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26.6.2010 Marta  /  Number of presentasion: 242

Česká ul. - směr přehrada Křetínka , 679 61 Letovice

GPS: 49° 32' 57" N  16° 33' 54" E
         49.5491985055556  49.5491985055556

Tel.: +420 776 117 537 / E-mail

The Celtic colony ISARDO is located at Letovice, in the premises of the former mine. We wanted to create the most realistic Celtic village including constructions, crafts and life in general from the period of 2,000 years ago when Celts lived in these lands. You can enjoy a day in history, in the time when our territory was colonized by Celts; you can also ride horses, watch sword or riding show and much more...

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