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9.3.2012 Wilzing  /  Number of presentasion: 244

Lhota 201, 273 01 Kamenné Žehrovice

GPS: 50° 04' 48" N  13° 59' 30" E
         50.0799938  50.0799938

Tel.: 312 659 376 / E-mail

The history of charcoal burning in the Křivoklát region goes back to the vanished past, to the times approximately 500 years BC. At that time the Celts came in our territory and their advanced culture together with them. That nation laid the foundations of local iron ore processing and at the same of time charcoal burning without which that branch did not do. So the foundations of the craft which uses rich local wood reserves also in inaccessible places were laid in the Křivoklát region. Coal burning has been operated here continuously till our days and has become a local tradition. The charcoal production procedure has changed in the course of the development of society. Initial simple coal burning in fireplaces and pits was replaced by more advanced charcoal piles for a long time. The following factors are important for coal production in charcoal piles: locality, weather, land and wood. It is generally true that they burned in places with enough wood and in places where coals was utilized.

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