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20.6.2011 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 251

Kořenec 174, 68001 Boskovice

GPS: 49° 31' 46" N  16° 45' 54" E
         49.5294154  49.5294154

Tel.: +420 731 478 974 / E-mail

We take golf to be a sport just like any of the other recognized popular sports in this country. Glorification of golf as a sport of the rich and select is not welcome at our club or on our course. The philosophy of the SGCC founders was not only to create a club for sporting use, but in fact, or rather above all, to set out a timeless programme. DOn the road of civilization in pursuit of new horizons, modern man has often got so far ahead of himself that he has lost sight of his own roots. His frenzied, single-minded concentration does not allow him to freely examine all the options and he has lost his former integrity of consciousness. The road to recovery, aiding in the establishment of a new sense of "anchorage", can consist in the effort and the will to find a fuller way of being: to raise the culture of living and fulfil moral ideals, the effort to achieve mutual human understanding and the road to personal freedom. Care for your physical condition, for example, through golf, can contribute to this transformation and to the full value of man's journey. The club trademark logo has six components symbolizing its activities of bringing together those interested in golf, creating the conditions for golf and thus helping to develop it as a sport, as well as the harmony of the individual. * The text Socrates Golf & Country Club - it is not by chance that the club bears the name of the Greek philosopher. Socrates was the first and only true fitness instructor. He recognized just one single kind of fitness, which he understood to be the combination of physical and mental fitness. Socrates represents the peak of this stage of Greek development in which emphasis was placed on the development of the human personality through physical culture – i.e. all-round physical cultivation together with cultivation of the mind. This formed the basis for the creation of the ideal of the harmonious, free personality and new value criteria within society, which are valid to this day. This process, which was started under the influence of the oldest Greek philosophers, resulted in an appreciation of the significance of leisure in Athens in the 6th century B.C. as the time for the most fitting application of human life. We would like to draw programmatically on this unique source of human wisdom from one of the freest of men. * Form - it is not by chance that the logo has a basic elliptical (oval) form. The orbit of the Earth around the sun is elliptical, just as golf players travel around the golf course. An oval is a form which is pleasing to the eye. A golf player sees a green as an oval in perspective. * Round object in place of the letter O - it is not by chance that there is a round object in place of the letter O in the word Socrates. This is an object reminiscent of a Greek shield, though it is actually based on a horse harness found in Kořenec. The shield was used by Greeks who were defending, fighting and duelling. The association and the inclusion in the word is meant to symbolically represent safety during play, as well as protection against malevolence. * Bordering - it is not by chance that this Greek meander (ornamental band) has been chosen, as its soft form highlights the ellipse and the circle. It echoes the meandering ground plan of the golf course in the logo. * Font - it is not by chance that the font is classical antique – no other font would be in harmony with the other elements. * Colours - it is not by chance that the colours are those which golf players appreciate. Green is the colour of the grass. Dark blue is the colour of the evening sky when the game ends, the colour of water, which is an integral part of the golf course and of life in general, and it is in the spectrum of colours which golf players like. The yellow (gold) bordering is the colour of light – the sun – which ends the whole game. The logo as a whole is harmonic in form and content, for the aim of our club activity is that of the harmonious individual. Providing our members and guests with an opportunity to relax and an environment for informal meetings with the appropriate sporting and social facilities is par for the course. But it is not for us to say whether we are above or below par. Those of you who are unable to resist our invitation and who come to have a look or even to play will be the judges of that. A period-style club house built to a design by architect Zdeněk Řihák provides the facilities for the club. It has been in operation since the end of March 2002 and centres around a real Canadian log-house, adjoining a creative-gastronomy restaurant beneath a turfed roof, a large covered terrace with a dance-floor and a spacious open terrace. The logwork combined with classic materials such as glass and stone is the last word in contemporary architecture, sensitively finished with spruce block fittings, together with a fan-heating fireplace and period-style tiled stoves. View from course The club house has a well-equipped pro-shop and of course it does not lack a spike bar. The clever architectural design allows for the accommodation of up to 150 people at the same time, without any loss of comfort or sense of cosiness. The complex includes accessible and spacious car parks, which in combination with the turfed parapet and the club house terrace allow for exhibitions of company products and sports attractions. Painted clubhouse Construction of a third stage of the club house with more facilities for club members will continue in line with the requirements of the developing club. This wing of the building will include cloakrooms, a multi-purpose hall, indoor golf, a putting green, a swing analyzer and a short game practice range.

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