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10.8.2011 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 186

Běloveská 851, 54701 Náchod

GPS: 50° 24' 59" N  16° 10' 12" E
         50.4164132  50.4164132

Tel.: 731886069 / E-mail

N-S 82 “Březinka” infantry casemate was concreted from October 4 to 9, 1937 and its cost was evaluated at about 5 million crowns, which would now correspond to one and half million Euros. The work consists of 1 365 cubic meters of high quality reinforced concrete. The non-exposed walls are one meter thick while the roofing slab is two meter thick and the front wall is 2.25 meter thick. The bunker was equipped with one anti-tank cannon, six heavy machine guns and five light machine guns. The crew was composed of 32 men. During the World War II the object was heavily damaged, embrasures and cupolas were extracted.

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