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Bozkov 263, 512 13 Bozkov

GPS: 50° 38' 51" N   15° 20' 19" E    Search route
         50.6475760027778  50.6475760027778

Tel.: +420 481 682 167 / E-mail

The Bozkov Dolomite Caves are situated on the northern slope of the Bozkov village in the hilly landscape of the Krkonoše foothills. The entrance into the underground space was discovered by dolomite miners in the 1940s, but only in 1957 the underground system of fissure corridors, partly filled with water, was discovered. The Bozkov dolomite caves is a labyrinth of underground corridors and cavities situated not very deep under the surface. The typical and unique decorations of the accessible caves consist in quartz ledges and listels in walls and ceilings. Some of the hollows are even filled with stalactites and stalagmites, including interesting small eccentric stalactites and stalagmites, in addition to the traditional calcite decoration. Attractive items of the sighseeing route also include underground lakes with crystal-clear blue-greenish water. The Bozkov dolomite caves is the only cave system in North Bohemia accessible to the public. The caves and their surroundings is a protected area conditioned by the nature and landscape protection law.

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