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, 27354 Lidice

GPS: 50° 08' 36" N   14° 11' 21" E    Search route
         50.1432719972222  50.1432719972222

Tel.: 312 253 063 / E-mail

This village, the name of which became a symbol of Fascist despotism in World War II, lies 20 km west of Prague and eight km from Kladno. Lidice is first mentioned in chronicles of the Zbraslav abbot, Petr Zitavsky, as being "held" by a rich Prague citizen, Pavlík, around the year l300. The oldest public building was St. Martin's church (1352). It was destroyed in the Hussite wars, but Utraquist priests were preaching here as late as in the 16th century. It was again destroyed during the Thirty years' War, and Grand Duchess Marie Anna of Tuscany had a new, Baroque church built which was restyled several times in the following years. The museum building is located in the neighbourhood of the eastern wing of the colonnade, approximately 100 metres from the main road Prague- Kladno. In its close neighbourhood there spreads the reverent area and the Rose Garden. (The Lidice Gallery is placed in the middle of the new Lidice, in the distance of approximately 500 metres from the museum). The museum was built in 1962 according to a project of an architect František Marek. The multi-medial exposition of The Lidice Memorial will offer a very emotive entrance to the history that any village within the protectorate Bohemia and Moravia could have suffered. The pictures of the old times, that became alive on the walls of the labyrinth of past, come out from the latest historical findings. They bring the World War II and single human destinies closer.

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