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The Old-New Synagogue is the oldest surviving synagogue in central Europe and the oldest working synagogue in the world. Apart from a few short years during the Nazi occupation (1942-45), it has been hosting services uninterrupted since the late13th century. It is said that somewhere in the Old-New Synagogue is buried the Golem. The Golem was a huge creature made of clay which, according to legend, was created by Rabbi Löw, and will forever be associated with the mysterious atmosphere of Prague’s former Jewish Town. According to legend, the Golem was brought to life when a piece of parchment with a special cabbalistic spell (a so-called shem), was put under its tongue. The rabbi always removed the parchment on the Sabbath when it is forbidden to work. Once, however, he forgot, and when he returned from the synagogue, the Golem had destroyed everything he could find in a fit of rage. The rabbi then removed the shem and hid the body.

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