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Hazmburk , 411 17 Libochovice

GPS: 50° 26' 03" N   14° 00' 52" E    Search route
         50.4341481083333  50.4341481083333

Tel.: 606 17 50 52 / E-mail

The ruin of a castle with a typical two-tower silhouette, founded in the 13th century, probably by the Lichtenburk family. At the turn of the 14th a 15th centuries, the complex was enlarged by the Podcastelí village with a church, which disappeared in the 16th century when the castle was abandoned.
If we regard Milešovka to be the queen of the Central Bohemian Uplands (České středohoří), the king can only be Hazmburk. The towers of this ruin belong to dominants of the downstream countryside round the Ohře River which are not easy to overlook and you can see them from a distance of up to several dozens of kilometres. They rise on the top of the sheer basalt massif and remind of the past fame of the impregnable Gothic castle. According to archaeological findings, the hill reaching a height of 418 m was settled by stroked pottery people as early as the 5th millennium BC. The creation of the castle is wrapped in mystery.

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