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, 511 01 Hrubá skála

GPS: 50° 32' 40" N   15° 11' 34" E    Search route
         50.5444625583333  50.5444625583333

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Česká ráj Route (circle): Hrubá Skála –castle Valdštejn – Sedmihorky – Hrubá Skála Route length: approximately 12 km, 4 hours Suitable for prams and families with small children The route starts at Hrubá skála castle. You will pass an ancient stone bridge decorated by statues and get to the castle courtyard where there is a beautiful view of sandstone rocks and if you lean against the rails a little, you can see the ruins of Trosky castle. Unfortunately, the interiors are not accessible for public, but in spite of that, the Hrubá skála castle is worth visiting. Then the route leads to approximately 3,5 km distance to castle Valdštejn. Follow the red-marked tourist route, on your way you will pass the Arboretum near the gamekeeper’s lodge and then go on the wide road further trough the forest. On the way, you will certainly pass a cart drawn by honey horses, which is a beautiful experience especially for children. Approximately, in the middle of your trip, there is the first view of the sandstone rocks. From this place you will see a rock called Kapelník“ (the “Bandmaster”) and his band. The second wiev turns away from the road after approximately 400m and is called “U lvíčka“ (“at the Lion's”). Hikers can go straight for the sightseeing and the ones, who are “on wheels,” have to go on a little bit more meters, where they will get to a route accessible for prams. The Valdštejn castle is relatively small; you can get to its courtyard in the same way as in Hrubá Skála with many baroque statues. Inside the castle, you can see a Baroque hall, a dungeon, and a church of St. Jan Nepomucký and finally have a rest on the sheltered terrace. There is a beautiful view of surrounding rocks and forests from the castle. Those, who are tired, can go back to the Hrubá Skála castle or maybe can use a coach, but we shall continue, along the cycling path, to Sedmihorky spa. The route goes through the forest but sometimes a rock looks on us. When passing a rock with whole of approximately 3 meters above the ground, do not forget to throw a cone through the hole. The legend says that who succeeds his/her wish will come true. We tried is, so we will see Sedmihorky is a spa town with a small wooden colonnade and a statue of MUDr. Antonín Šlechta created by Myslbek. After a small pause at the refreshment stand, we go back to the Hurubá Skála castle via the same named village. Unfortunately, the road leads uphill, so if you push the pram as us, it will be sweaty. For tourists with bigger children without a pram, it is possible to follow the yellow route from the Valdštejn castle back and thus mostly avoid the final rising up. Interesting references:

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