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Zájezd 5, 273 43 Kladno

GPS: 50° 10' 00" N   14° 13' 18" E    Search route
         50.1667113  50.1667113

Tel.: +420 312 250 887 / E-mail


Animals (for example caracals, monkeys and half-apes, chameleons, kangaroos, etc.) have been bred in the municipality of Zájezd since 1998. In 2006 we established the beneficiary association Zoopark Zájezd. There you will see sunning groups of three kinds of lemurs, kangaroos, and long-tailed monkeys or the camel Ája, for example. The aviaries and runs are built mainly from natural materials and the effort was aimed at using to the maximum extent what was offered by the original areas of the local land so that the nature of the local landscape was not affected. Picnic blankets, coloured pencils, paper and toys are available (not only) to children in the zoo complex. The aim is to offer not only the “zoo” as you know it, but also an ideal place for relaxation where you can return even several times a week, if you like.

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