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Mladoboleslavská , Praha

GPS: 50° 07' 32" N   14° 32' 14" E    Search route
         50.1256231027778  50.1256231027778

Tel.: +420 973 207 500 / E-mail

The Kbely Aviation Museum was founded in 1968 on the premises of the historic military airport.

The current collection contains 275 aircraft, of which 85 are exhibited in four indoor halls, 25 in uncovered areas, 155 are stored in depositories and 10 airworthy aircraft are operated. A number of the aircraft are world's unique pieces. The museum exhibition relates directly to the history of Czechoslovak and Czech aviation, especially military aviation. Selected types of world's important aircraft are also exhibited here for comparison along with many aircraft engines, airframe components, weapons, equipment, uniforms, flags, medals and other relics that relate to the history of Czechoslovak and Czech aviation.

The museum is open (2014):
from May to October every day except Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Entrance to the museum is free!

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