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U Výstaviště , Praha

GPS: 50° 06' 21" N   14° 25' 54" E    Search route
         50.1057353361111  50.1057353361111

Tel.: +420 220 103 275 / E-mail


Sea World A giant aquarium, the largest one in the Czech Republic. It is a tank of a volume of 100 thousand litres of sea water; the glazed area has 8 metres in total. A coral rock decoration of a weight of 4.5 tons is installed in the tank. Among others, you can see in it: the silvertip shark, the blacktip sharp, shoals of multicoloured coral fishes,... There is further a tank of a volume of 27,000 litres of fresh water. Inhabitants of this tank consist of three species of tortoises, arowans, paripatingas, cichlids, gouramis and many other interesting animals. You can also take a walk in a 25m long coral cave with 10 atypical aquariums built in the artificial rock wall. You will further see the PoolSystem – a quite original floor projection and a space lagoon – it expresses symbolically the interconnection of the universe, see and human soul.

information about surrounding area of  camping Oase Praha can be found on www.camp.cz/en/info/oase