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Staroměstské náměstí 1, 11000 Praha

GPS: 50° 05' 12" N   14° 25' 12" E    Search route
         50.0865342  50.0865342

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The historic heart of this city right in the heart of Europe is an exceptionally valuable urban monument zone. This is why part of Prague (Hradčany and Prague Castle, Malá Strana, the Old Town including the Charles Bridge and Josefov, the New Town and Vyšehrad) were entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List. And what is so interesting about the historical centre of Prague? Its overall layout. Narrow zigzagging streets opening out into little squares dominated by religious buildings of which the oldest date back to the Romanesque period. The Old Town, however, is mainly Gothic and its majestic Gothic churches together with its magnificent town houses have led to it becoming known as ‘Stone Prague’. In other places, we can find Renaissance palaces and Baroque, Neo-Classical, Art Nouveau as well as functionalist Cubism styles have all also had their say here. It is all sensitively melded together in one whole which can be admired over many long days without ever becoming boring. The River Vltava and its bridges also play a fundamental role. The oldest and best-known bridge is the Charles Bridge, which was built by Emperor Charles IV, who played a major role in setting Prague’s current layout. The pious sovereign considered Prague the European parallel to the holy city of Jerusalem. Prague Castle, rising above the whole city, dominates all its landmarks. From time immemorial, it was the place from which rulers governed the Czech lands, and it remains so today. Hradčany, the largest castle in the whole world, is where the President of the Czech Republic resides. The castle itself and its St. Vitus’ Cathedral is one of the symbols of the Czech nation, as well as being one of the most visited tourist sites in the whole country. Note Prague, which has features preserved from the Middle Ages, is admired the world over. But the fact remains that the first settlement of the Prague Basin dates back to the New Stone Age. The City of a Hundred Spires, as Prague is known, is a great refuge for lovers. Hidden streets with cosy cafés, many gardens and parks, great restaurants, dozens of galleries and museums and also music clubs with live jazz, classical music concerts, theatres and trips on the Vltava... these are just some of the attractions which you can find here all year round. It doesn’t matter when you visit Prague. It is beautiful during spring when everything is in bloom and you can take the funicular railway to Petřín Hill and admire the whole city from the local Eiffel-like look-out tower. Chilly autumn days are also compelling, with lamps shining into the fog, and you may not be sure whether you have stepped into a completely different century or not. And it is in autumn when all the ancient and newer legends with which Prague is interwoven feel all the more palpable. Maybe in one of its back streets you will meet the clay Golem, a headless knight or the shadow of Franz Kafka. Come visit the city interwoven with legends which still live.

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