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Pražský hrad , 10000 Praha

GPS: 50° 05' 25" N   14° 23' 56" E    Search route
         50.0903702  50.0903702

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The seven Gardens at Prague Castle form a ring of green around the entire castle. The best-known gardens are: The Royal Garden The Royal Garden is the largest and oldest castle garden. It is laid out in the Renaissance fashion, and is known for its rare and exotic plants. The garden also boasts a number of buildings which served as places of entertainment for courtiers. These are the Ball Game Court, the Summer Palaceand the Lion Court which is now an exhibition space. Have a listen to the Singing Fountain in front of the Summer Palace. The sound the water makes as it falls into the fountain is similar to bells ringing. It can be heard best next to the lower bowl of the fountain.

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