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22, 27024 Zbečno

GPS: 50° 02' 30" N   13° 55' 15" E    Search route
         50.0416932  50.0416932

Tel.: 313 558 440 / E-mail

Everybody who visits Hamous’ Homestead (Hamousův statek) sometime is certainly surprised at the location and size of the building. It is situated right opposite St. Martin Church in the village with its history dating back to the times of the first Premyslides. In the fiftieths many homesteads with vaulted entrance gateways to the yard, countless little cottages of various craftsmen or small farmers were still in existence in the village. Unfortunately, the village has changed so much during years that the only things in the village which remember the national architecture era are only the church with the rectory and the already mentioned Hamous’ Homestead.

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