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vodácké tábořiště Cakle vodácké tábořiště Cakle

vodácké tábořiště Cakle

Staré Oldřichovice 134, 562 01 Ústí nad Orlicí

The camp-site Cakle is located in the northern part of Ústí nad Orlicí. It is a camp with quality hygienic equipment and with offer of sport activities. You can sleep in a tent, tepee or a clubroom and tourist ...

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kemp Dolní Morava

kemp Dolní Morava

Dolní Morava 7, 56169 Dolní Morava

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autocamp Zákoutí

autocamp Zákoutí

Zákoutí 427, 51791 Deštné v Orlických horách

Quiet campsite, very suitable for families with children. There is a pension and cabins in the campsite area. Background for summer tourism and cyclotourism in the Orlické Mountains. In winter, suitable terrain...

With electricity connectionBungalow without sanitary facilitiesRooms with own sanitary facilities

kemp Kaplička kemp Kaplička

kemp Kaplička

, 56401 Pastviny

Camping is situated on the left bank of the river "Divoka Orlice", about 2 km from the bridge on a local road. Drive further along this road and after two kilometers you will see the dike Pastviny. The dam can ...

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kemp western Vochtánka kemp western Vochtánka

kemp western Vochtánka

, 517 43 Potštejn

The camp is situated in the picturesque Anenské údolí (Anna’s valley) below the ruins of a medieval castle, on the river bank. It offers accommodation in chalets and a log cabin or in your own tents or caravans...

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koupaliště a kemp Broumar

koupaliště a kemp Broumar

U Broumaru 555, 51773 Opočno

The camp is located ashore of a pond and serves as an ideal starting point for many hiking and cycling trips. Accommodation available: in six four-bed cottages for four persons or in own tents/caravans. There i...

With electricity connectionBungalow with own sanitary facilities

camping The Eagle Trail Ranch camping The Eagle Trail Ranch

camping The Eagle Trail Ranch

19, 56170 Písečná u Žamberku

Camping The Eagle Trail Ranch is located in the municipality of Sandy in Žamberk in the Orlické Mountains. Accommodation is possible in rooms of their own tents or caravans. Part of the camp is a children's pla...

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camp Horní Lipka

Horní Lipka 80, 56169 Králíky

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Městys Dolní Čermná

Městys Dolní Čermná

, 56153 Dolní Čermná 243

The small town of Dolní Čermná offers accommodation for clients who appreciate the quiet environment and beautiful countryside with the possibility of many trips to the neighbourhood. You can stay in chalets or...

Places without connections/place without connectionsBungalow without sanitary facilitiesRooms without sanitary facilities

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autocamp Osek

Nelsonská 669, 41705 Osek
autocamp Osek

Autocamp Osek – autocamp to reach the beauty of the Ore Mountains Just below the hill the Ore Mountains near Teplice waists for all lovers of hiking,...

Autocamping ROZKOŠ Autocamping ROZKOŠ

Třída.T.G.Masaryka 836, 55203 Česká Skalice
Autocamping ROZKOŠ

Camp is situated at the northern bank dam reservoir Rozkoš near international road E67. Offers accommodation ( cottages, dormitory, bungalow, place fo...

chatová osada U lesa chatová osada U lesa

Vranovská přehrada - pláž 680, 67102 Šumná
chatová osada U lesa

South Moravia, national park Podyjí, Znojmo region, Vranov reservoir: In this locality cabins and bungalows of the bungalow court U Lesa are located. ...

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camping Frymburk Lipno
Come and have a relax

Campsite is located in a beautiful area of Sumava mountains by the Lipno Lake. They offer many trips, bike tours, activities for children ...

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camping Oase Praha
Camp is oriented for children

Ideal holiday with children . Mobile homes for 4-6 people with private terrace. indoor and outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds, animation programs, ...

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Where to spend a vacation with your children?

Can you imagine a campground where you only see your children when it’s time for a snack or lunch? Yes, these campgrounds do exist in the Czech Republic. Full story

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camping Rožnov18.6.2021113010,0
autokemp Merkur Pasohlávky20.8.20203246,5
Byli jsme loni a opravdu je tam hlučno že člověk nemá šanci se vyspat veškeré atrakce a v obchodech přímo v kempu je strašně draho je to opravdu kemp na jednu až dvě noci a bez dětí jenom zapařit a ject domu sice tam jsou program...
camping Oase Praha2.8.201624119,9
Spousta hřišť, bazény a animace