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Národní 4, 110 00 Praha 1

GPS: 50° 04' 52" N   14° 24' 52" E    Search route
         50.0811977527778  50.0811977527778

Tel.: +420 224 901 448 / E-mail

For many viewers, Laterna Magica has become a symbol for a theater that combines film projection with acting or dance performance. The performance is understandable for everybody!

The performance in Laterna Magica is not just scenery or a tool for creating apparent reality: a film remains a film and a stage remains a stage, but their combination is an important moment. The picture component and the reality are combined in so inseparable that one without the other cannot exist separately, but they create a poetic complex together. Laterna Magica uses a wide range of tools that offer both classic and modern technologies, there are digital projections and new media available, every performance works with linking the image and the stage differently – they are not afraid of classic design and hand animation, or technologies that work in real time.

The staff at the reception will be happy to assist you with the selection of the show and reservation of the tickets.

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