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Újezd 28, 118 00 Praha

GPS: 50° 04' 58" N   14° 24' 13" E    Search route
         50.0826537055556  50.0826537055556

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Taking a cable car to the Petřín Lookout Tower (Petřínská rozhledna)

An ideal way to visit Prague also for families with little children.
Start your trip at the “Ujezd” tram stop, where it is only a short walk uphill to the bottom cable car station.
Right above the cable car station of departure, there is a large secure fenced playground with many playing elements. If necessary, there is also a toilet just next to the playground.
As soon as your children played to their hearts’ content,  get in a cable car (no special tariff - all types of Prague Public Transport tickets are valid for a ride on a cable car) to take you 130 m higher on this line 510 m long. During the summer (April-October) a cable car runs from 9 am every 10 minutes.
You will get to the vicinity of the Petřín Lookout Tower (Petřínská rozhledna), 378 m high, without getting tired in this way. Take a lift to get up and then only enjoy magnificent panoramas of the hundred-spired city of Prague.
Just a short walk from the lookout tower, you can then visit the Mirror Labyrinth. It resembles
a miniature castle from the outside. The mirrors connected to create a sophisticated system create
a labyrinth of tunnels, in which it is easy to lose your head. At the end of the labyrinth you will go by a thoughtful painting depicting a memorable scene from the Thirty Year War, when Prague was conquered by the Swedes. Finally, a hall of laughing with many curved mirrors is waiting for you.
Then you can let the kids to frolic again in the adjacent outdoor playground or visit one of the local refreshment stalls.
If you are interested in astronomy, you will certainly be pleased to visit the Štefánik observatory as well. A permanent exhibition focused on astronomy is installed on the ground floor of the observatory; you can also visit selected observation posts.
Further, you can visit the nearby Strahov Monastery. Then you can walk through the park from the area around the observation tower; the park is an ideal and popular place for walks and also for picnics.
If you are already tired, you can just walk down to the cable car station of departure and take a tram to get back. But it is better to use the fact that you are already up and walk through the park. It’s a flat land, the environment is beautiful, and you can comfortably come up to the Prague Castle.

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