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Barborská , 28400 Kutná Hora

GPS: 49° 56' 55" N   15° 16' 04" E    Search route
         49.9487391333333  49.9487391333333

Tel.: +420 775 363 938 /

One of the most beautiful historic cities of the Czech Republic (buildings of which wanted to match Prague itself during its times) with many sights and a well processed tourist information system - directional signs with icons for individual sights will not let you get lost. The romantic atmosphere is enhanced by many small shops selling handmade souvenirs and by narrow streets with many cosy restaurants.

During the Middle Ages, profits from the Kutná Hora silver mines brought fame to the lands of the Czech Crown, and Kutná Hora became the richest and most powerful town in the Czech lands. At the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, Kutná Hora became the seat of King Václav IV. The Gothic St. James’ Church (1330) and the St. Barbara’s Cathedral (1388), devoted to the patroness of miners, are among the most important architectural monuments. Among other jewels is the former mint – The Vlašský dvůr (Italian Court) from the 13th century, and several patrician houses. The building called Hrádek (Little Castle), which is part of the former municipal fortifications, houses a museum of mining; the tour includes a visit to a former mediaeval mine. Other worthwhile monuments are the former Latin school and the cloister church in a suburb called Sedlec, which houses a curious ossuary. Its interior is composed exclusively of human bones, dating mostly from the Thirty Years' War.. Cultural events: Musical programs, the Silver Mining Festival, the St. Wenceslas Winemaking Festival.

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