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Markétská 28/1, 169 01 Praha 6

GPS: 50° 05' 07" N   14° 21' 24" E    Search route
         50.0851824  50.0851824

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Břevnov Monastery

A part of the Monastery is accessible to the public. The Monastery tour includes the Romanesque crypt and Baroque Basilica of St. Margaret. The organ was restored in the monastic basilica in the years of 2004-2007; the basilica, which is of course primarily a sacral space, became a popular venue for (mostly) organ concerts. Baroque interior of the prelature is also a part of the Monastery tour.

There is a Czech restaurant “Klášterní šenk“ and a monastic brewery of St. Vojtěch situated in Břevnov Monastery. The brewery is located in the baroque building of the former stables. The equipment in the brewery is mainly made in Czech; the production capacity is 3,000 hectoliters of beer per year. In addition to the classic pale lager there is a range of specialty beers produced, using different kinds of malts and hops.

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