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Pod kaštany 14, 252 25 Zbuzany

GPS: 50° 01' 33" N   14° 17' 12" E    Search route
         50.0258643  50.0258643

Tel.: 736 679 860 / E-mail

The Praga car museum was established in 1957. The main aim of establishing the museum was to map the history of our largest car factory and, in fact, in doing so also the history of the Czech automotive industry which belonged to the European top in its times. The museum is mentioned on all lists of world museums and is rated by the Cultural Committee of UNESCO as the third world’s largest brand collection which exceeds the framework of the Czech Republic due to its extent and is a picture of our famous history which has been successfully preserved for next generations in this way and of which the Czech Republic can rightly be proud.

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