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Vídeňská 64, 14800 Praha 4

GPS: 50° 01' 10" N   14° 28' 08" E    Search route
         50.0193531444444  50.0193531444444

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Krčský(Kunratický) forest

What about to take a walk through the woods right in Prague? Try Krčský forest. It is located on 300 acres and features a lot of interesting places - the pond called Labuťák, many playgrounds and gazebos, the New Castle, which was built in the 15th century by Wenceslas IV on a hill near Kunratice. The Castle has been left in ruins, but the ruins are freely accessible. Dining option includes for example the restaurant “Na tý louce zelený” (On the Green Meadows). The restaurant includes a playground, a pond with a water goblin and when you get tired, you can feed small goats and sheep.

Roads in the woods are maintained and suitable for cyclists. While you traveling you can catch a glimpse of moufflon or go to see the fallow deer, which can be found at the Hájovna (Gamekeeper's Lodge).

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