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Pod Chodovem , 14000 Praha

GPS: 50° 01' 58" N   14° 29' 30" E    Search route
         50.0328614194444  50.0328614194444

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P+R car park
If you decide to travel to Prague with your own car and around Prague by metro, you can use P+R garage located directly by the Chodov metro station (No. 1 in the information leaflet you received upon arrival). Make sure you drive to the second entrance marked P+R, where you will pay only 20 CZK for the whole day. Approx. 50 meters before the second entrance, there is an entrance to the shopping center’s car park, where one can park for three hours free of charge, after which it costs 30 CZK/hour.
After pressing the button at the entrance gate, you will receive a coupon with a barcode. You will then enter the garage. If the first level is full,you will be guided one level lower; however,it has never happened that the capacity would be insufficient.You can pay before departure,but it is better to pay straight away so you won’t forget.

How to pay:
1. On the yellow section of the automat, press the button “20 Kč” (upper left)
2. Press the button “Výdej” (right above instructions)
3. As soon as the automat directs you, insert the coupon with barcode into the feeder in the blue section
4. Pay 20 CZK in the yellow section. The automat accepts only coins and returns change
5. The automat prints out a receipt (one doesn’t really need it). However, it is important to take back the coupon with the barcode as you will apply it to the feeder by the gate upon departure.

Take advantage of the direct entry to the metro station vestibule located on the level abreast of entrance gate (if entering from the left). This passage can be used upon returning; you will open it with the coupon with the barcode – thus, take the coupon with you.
If your car is taller than 2.2 m and you cannot enter the garage, use the P+R car park by the Opatov metro station (No. 2 in information leaflet you received upon arrival); it is an above-ground car park so you will only drive through the gate. Payment of parking fees is identical.

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